[Cartridge] The Lost Donkeys
[Cartridge] The Lost Donkeys

[Cartridge] The Lost Donkeys


Author: Broke
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The Lost Donkeys is a PFP and GameFi project revolving around Donkeys. Multiplayer and community decision making components are a key part of The Lost Donkeys gameplay alongside a huge dose of humor and fun to keep players entertained!
The game takes place in a post-apocalyptic world where the Donkeys were chased out of their original home by Zombie Donkeys (AKA Zonkies). The Donkeys had found a new home (The Lost Lands) and the game and story will focus on the rebuilding efforts of the Donkeys as they aim to reconstruct and rebuild a paradise for all Donkeys.
Donkeys will have to band together for survival as although the Lost Lands are full of opportunities, they are also full of dangers as well. There is a also a competitive element to the game where more skillful players will be able to earn more $CARROT which are basically wrapped $MAGIC tokens and also the main currency of the The Lost Land.
Farmers of The Lost Land and the playable characters of the game. Donkeys are lost and their mission is to find and build a new home for themselves.
Quest Levels - Higher the Quest Levels, the better the rewards!
Crafting Levels - Determines the items that the Donkeys can craft for the barn.
Mood-O-Meter - Every time Donkeys go on a quest, their Mood-O-Meter decreases. Donkeys in a bad mood will not be able to go on quests. These Donkeys will have to recharge before going on a quest.
Rarity & Stats - Affects a Donkey’s performance on quests. All Donkeys start off with different stats and can boost them using Training Gear or get a fresh start with potions they can get from questing. Lack of activity will result in Donkey’s stats dropping over time!
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Jackasses can be recruited to help build up The Lost Land by staking a Treasure Donkey and a small amount of $CARROT although they will start with less harvest power!
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A Barn is the Donkey’s home and will keep them alive and thriving but will require much care and attention from Donkeys as well!
Getting a Barn: Minting with $CARROT from Holy Donkeys or to purchase one from Trove.
Harvester Power: Determines how fast resources and carrots can be harvested. Can be boosted through crafting or upgrading of the Barn.
Super Barns: Starts with a higher Harvester Power than normal Barns.
Regions: All Barns are minted with a randomly assigned region which affects Harvest Resource supply. Every regions have its own pros and cons.
Geo Disasters: Naturally occurring natural disasters that can result in reduced Harvest Resource supply or even ruin existing resources. Donkeys have to work together to avert these disasters.
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Harvest (Quest)
Donkeys have to complete harvest quests so as to gather the resources needed for growing carrots. When the carrots are fully grown, Donkeys can go on quests to harvest them into $CARROT. Size of the carrot harvest will depend on how skillful the donkey farmer is and many factors must be accounted such as timing and weather.
Harvest Resources - used for growing carrots and also to obtain rare NFTs when offered to Holy Donkeys (Seasonal). 3 types: Fertilizers, Water and Seeds.
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Crafting & Upgrade
Crafting allows for Donkeys to improve their barns, themselves and also the community. Crafting will require materials found in The Lost Lands as well as some Tier 5 Treasure NFTs. Crafting also allows for Donkeys to upgrade their barns and more recipes will be unlocked as Donkeys level up their Crafting Levels.
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No paradise is complete without love and that is true as well in The Lost Lands. Donkeys can find their true love, mate and breed foals (Baby Donkeys that have similar utility but at a slower pace). However, be warned that the mating process will not be simple!
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The Lost Donkeys is a fun, humorous and playful take on survival games that requires collaboration between the whole community for their land to truly thrive. The art is hilarious yet charming while the game is simple yet complex where 1. strategy and 2. communication will be highly essential. Not only do I see this being an enjoyable game for adults but I can imagine this being a good starting Web 3.0 game for kids to learn about Web 3.0, communication and working together at the same time.
Disclaimer: None of this if financial advice and are for educational purposes only.